Top 5 Mobile Smartphones of 2016 with reviews

The past year was a flourishing year for mobile smartphones market. Many smartphones were launched in previous year. Each and every phone of every company gave competition to one another in their particular budget range. Here is the list of Top 5 Mobile Smartphone of 2016 with reviews. The list is based upon the product reviews of the consumers. These Top 5 Smartphones ranges from budget price to high end devices.

Every year tech giants launches their best smartphones in market and obviously better than previous versions. But what makes them special and popular?. The answer is their usability, value for money, brand and impressions upon customers. These Top 5 Mobile Smartphones of 2016 shows all these qualities based upon reviews of consumers.

Top 5 Mobile Smartphones of 2016 with reviews

Top 5 Mobile Smartphones of 2016 with reviews
Top 5 Mobile Smartphones of 2016 with reviews
  • Google Pixel

Google launched its first ever self made and designed smartphone in Oct, 2016. This smartphone comes with a power packed features and decent hardware components. Most appreciated quality of this smartphone is its Camera. Google Pixel camera is best in class smartphone camera in the market. And Google Assistant is far better than Apple’ Siri. The artificial intelligence of Google has turned a new leaf in the area of AI in smartphones. However , the price to Google Pixel is around 55,000 INR.

  • Apple Iphone 7 Plus

There are a number of reasons why Iphone 7 Plus is better than Iphone 7 and why it is one the list. One of the main reason is its Dual- Camera and display. Iphone 7 Plus has a dual focus in depth camera which allows a pictures to be click in DSLR like mode. Everyone is familiar with Apple, as it is one of the topmost tech giants in Smartphone market. Apple Iphone 7 Plus runs on Ios 10 and A-10 Chip-set. This smartphone starts at the range of 70,000 INR. Apple’s Iphone 7 Plus is at second number in out Top 5 Mobile Smartphones of 2016.

  • One Plus 3 T

One Plus has become a brand in itself over a past few years. Their tagline “Flagship Killer” is indeed a true one. Their smartphones comprises of a very decent features and hardware at a budget price in smartphone range. One Plus 3 T gives tough competition to Apple Iphone 7 Plus and Google Pixel. Its finger print sensor is faster than previous two devices. Camera is just as equally good as both the above mentioned smartphones. The price of One Plus 3 T is genuine and comes in Budget , i.e. around 30,000 INR.

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  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung needs no introduction, it has been in smartphone market since ages. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has some unique features like its curved edges and shortcuts on it. Galaxy S7 Edge is smooth but people had some lagging issues later. Its camera is as good as Google Pixel. Look of the smartphone is best in class. This smartphone ranges from 50,000 INR to  70 grand.


  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung’s phablet smartphones is at fifth position in our list of Top 5 Mobile Smartphones of 2016. There are a few reason for that. The reviews of this smartphone were not much good initially because of its battery problems. This smartphone has a good camera and a crisp display with a decent processor. But battery had a big problem for the smartphone. Samsung has resolved the problem on priority but the market value of the smartphone decreased due to it. This smartphone prices at around 60,000 INR.

This was the list to our Top 5 Mobile Smartphones of 2016 with their reviews based upon customers. If you think there are mobiles better than these smartphones, feel free to comment your views in comment section.

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