Top 5 Best Places to visit in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jaipur situated in an Indian state, Rajasthan is know for its heritage value. It is considered to be one of the most famous tourist spot for exploring traditional India. This article is about the Top 5 best places to visit in Jaipur. Although, there are many places to visit but this particular list contains the best place where you must go in the city.

A traveler has a dream of visiting different places to explore nature, history and heritage. Jaipur has all these three qualities which a traveler wants. Jaipur being a place of Kings since centuries has its own place in cultural terms. There is still a King living there under democratic rules.

Top 5 Best places to visit in Jaipur
View from Amer fort, Jaipur

Top 5 Best Places to visit in Jaipur:

  • A must visit place at Jaipur is its Amer Fort or Amber Fort. The fort is situated 10 KM in the north direction of Jaipur city easily approachable. It is situated on a hill and gives a beautiful view of the valley. The fort of build by Mughal Emperor Akbar where he lived with his beautiful Indian wife Jodha. “Jodha-Akbar” was shot at this fort.

There are various places in the fort to visit. Naming a few out of 17 such places are a monkey temple, Sheesh Mahal (Mirror Place), Mughal Garden, Mandir. All these places are situated in Amer Palace.

  • Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort and Jal Mahal are all on the way to Amer fort. Recommendations are that they are no worth time spending. Visit these places on a go and enjoy the structure and be in awe and ecstasy that how it were build 5 centuries ago.
  • A traditional Rajasthani taste and heritage can be experienced at Jaipur’s famous hotel/heritage lawns “Chowki Dhani”.

This place is situated at the south-west of Jaipur City. “Chowki Dhani” provides its customers a special welcome, all Rajasthani dances, culture, history, games, rides and of-course mouth watering delicious food buffet. (A must visit place recommended by admin.)

Top 5 Best places to visit in Jaipur
Best places to visit in Jaipur

More from Top 5 Best Places to visit in Jaipur:

  • Everyone does know about Hawa Mahal and it is located at the heart of Jaipur. The crowd near it is pretty dense. Consider visiting the place while shopping from the traditional and famous “Gandhi Market” of ┬áJaipur.

It would be convenient for a traveler to visit both places at one a time saver as well. That is why this area is included in our top 5 best places to visit in Jaipur.

  • A trip is never completed without a shopping experience. There are many malls in Jaipur where one can shop. But try “World Trade Park” for shopping experience, specially its Dubai Bazaar. This particular mall has two wings and is one of the biggest mall in India.

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Many famous places in Jaipur are still left out but if a trip is of two days, then these places will definitely make your trip memorable and a great one. To make the list of Top 5 best places to visit in Jaipur is pretty difficult because there are many places which are still left to mention.

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