Rahnuma Bollywood Movie 2017 A.K.A The Ring Release Date

The more speculated upcoming movie of Shah Rukh Khan is Rahnuma. According to official statement, The Ring is not the official title for the movie. Therefore, the name of the movie is Rahnuma officially. Imtiaz Ali film with “Baadshah” of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan will release in August of this year. This article is about Rahnuma Bollywood Movie 2017.

 Rahnuma Bollywood Movie 2017

The title of the movie has been justified because of this statement by Anushka Sharma. Anushka also shared her ‘divine’ experience of shooting with SRK. She said, “It was a divine experience as they both are incredible at what they do. I share a very good rapport with Shah Rukh so, I was at ease working with him and Imtiaz is a dream director for any actor. So, I really enjoyed myself.” Seems like it would be a great movie.

 Rahnuma Bollywood Movie 2017 or The Ring Shahrukh Khan Film
Rahnuma Bollywood Movie 2017 or The Ring Shahrukh Khan Film

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 Rahnuma Bollywood Movie 2017 A.K.A The Ring Release Date Details:

There’s not much reveal about the plot of the movie. As per the plot, SRK is playing a role of a tourist guide in Gujrat. He met Anushka during her visit and the love story further unfolded. The movie has been shot at different locations. Such as, Budapest, Europe, Punjab.

Rahnuma Bollywood Movie 2017 Starcast: 

Shah Rukh and Anushka paired up for the third time in their career. Previous two movie were also romantic genre. Along with SRK , Chandan Roy Sayal, Eveyln Sharma and Sayani Gupta are also part of the Rahnuma Bollywood Movie 2017.

Rahnuma Bollywood Movie 2017 Release Date:

There were much speculations about the release date of the  Rahnuma Bollywood Movie 2017. At last, the release date has been decided.  Rahnuma Bollywood Movie 2017 will release on August, 11 2017.

The director assures that this project will be something which is new for Shah Rukh and a unique experience for the audience. “For me, I didn’t want to fall into a pattern of the certain type of film. And he (Shah Rukh) wanted to break out of the pattern that he was in. That’s the reason why we got to work.”

It would be interesting to see that how this famous pair of Anushka and SRK works in the upcoming movie Rahnuma 2017.

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