How to add captions, subtitles in YouTube Videos

YouTube has many unique features like YouTube gaming, live videos, live streaming. Its been over a year since YouTube launched a wonderful feature. YouTube allows a user to give and contribute captions and subtitles to a YouTube video. This article is about How to add captions, subtitles in YouTube Videos.

There is no need of describing what YouTube does. In the contemporary world, YouTube has become one of the most integral part of our lives. YouTube provides tons of features and one of them is contributing captions or subtitles to the videos. This feature allows us to provide information about a YouTube video to other users. For example, a video uploaded on YouTube is in Spanish Language. And, another user who knows Spanish as well as English add captions in English. This feature would help other users to understand the video because of translated English captions provided.

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How to add captions, subtitles in YouTube
How to add captions, subtitles in YouTube

How to add captions, subtitles in YouTube Videos:

Adding captions and subtitles in YouTube videos is pretty easy task. Here’s the step by step guide of “How to add captions, subtitles in YouTube Videos”.

  • Login into your Gmail account on YouTube.
  • Play a video in which you want to add captions or subtitles.
  • Click on small setting button at right hand bottom of the YouTube player.
  • Select “Subtitles/CC” options from the menu.
  • After that click on “Add Subtitles/CC” from the tray menu.
  • A new window would pop up in a new tab of your Browser.
  • Select any language out of 187 Language options that YouTube provides you to add captions, subtitles.
  • Then, add captions or subtitles in the boxes that are provided to you.
  • Select time – stamp on which you want those captions to appear on the screen.
  • Last but not the least, submit captions, subtitles or also called Closed Captions of reviewing.

How to add captions, subtitles in YouTube box

Becoming a part of YouTube community has its own positive points. If captions gets published, then you will get 1 point for that. There’s a chance to earn more and more points in YouTube Heroes feature. YouTube Hero is a concept where the loyalty toward YouTube community checks. People tend to earn points and certain point values has different give away from YouTube itself. Hope, you understood the basic points of How to add captions, subtitles in YouTube Videos. 

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