BiggBoss Season 10 Winner Prediction Finale 2017

BiggBoss season 10 is probably the most controversial reality show in the history of BiggBoss series. There are many speculations about the winner of BiggBoss season 10. The tables have turned over many a times again and again and show is becoming unpredictable day by day. This article is about our thoughts on BiggBoss Season 10 Winner Prediction Finale 2017.

Audiences wait for BiggBoss season around the year. And BiggBoss is one of those shows because the show is very popular. Many deserving candidates eliminated during the journey of the BiggBoss Season 10. The Finale of BiggBoss season 10 is round the corner in 3 weeks or so. Most probably BiggBoss 10 Finale will take place in on January 28th 2017.

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BiggBoss Season 10 Winner Prediction Finale 2017:

The concept of this season of BiggBoss was to mingle up common people “Indiawale” with Celebrities. A total number of 15 contestants were part of the show initially. After three months only 6 contestants remained in the house. The initial contestants of this popular show are:

“Indiawale”:- Nitibha Kaul, Manoj Punjabi, Manveer Gurjar, Lokesh Kumari Sharma, Priyanka Jagga, Akansha Sharma and Om Swami, Navin Prakash.

Celebrities:- VJ Bani, Rohan Mehra, Rahul Dev, Gaurav Chopra, Lopamudra Raut, Karan Mehra, Mona Lisa.

BiggBoss Season 10 Winner 2017
BiggBoss Season 10 Winner 2017

For the first time in the BiggBoss history, host of the show Salman Khan evicted Priyanka Jagga Muise from the house. As a result of her intolerable behavior Salman made this decision. Furthermore, Swami Om is another contestant whose regular disgusting behavior made him thrown out of the show. Most of all important is that BiggBoss makers took these bold decision for the very first time in the history of the show.

It seems like top 5 contestants of BiggBoss 10 would be Manveer Gujjar, Manoj Punjabi, VJ Bani, Rohan Mehra, Lopamudra Raut.

BiggBoss Season 10 Winner Prediction Finale 2017: Our pick of the winner is VJ Bani or Manveer Gujjar.

This is our BiggBoss Season 10 Winner prediction 2017. Tell us what you think about the current season of BiggBoss 10. Express your thoughts in comment section below.


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